Group buy: SA Ramses

Aaru by Helix Lab

A keycap set inspired by Ancient Egypt

Designed around the idea of nature and the calm banks of the River Nile in Egypt, this keycap set will be produced by Signature Plastics for all MX-compatible mechanical keyboards.

  • Profile: SA 1-1-2-3-4-3

  • Legends: Doubleshot

  • Material: ABS Plastic


Accent keys
Key: RAL 8000
Legend: ABS TN


Dark green keys
Key: RAL 6012
Legend: ABS TBT


Warm beige keys
Legend: RAL 8000


The initial idea for SA Ramses was to mimic the deep green of the Nile surrounded by sandy banks. This has since expanded into versions where the colours are inverted, or a single colour across the whole set. To avoid confusion, I will refer to sets by their colour profiles¬†instead of the standard “Alpha”, “Mod”, or “Alternate” variations.
Pictured above are renders of the colours I chose, along with the real chosen colour codes. They may not reflect the final product.

Mix & Match

Four different colour combinations supported for most layouts

Opt for the green on the mod keys rather than the main alpha keys, or just a full beige kit to match a unique board colour. The various kitting supports multiple combinations from 40% and Ortho all the way to TKL builds.

Sunsetter by Charue Designs



Why did you choose SA? I prefer GMK / KAT / etc...

I chose SA because I really like the high sculpted profile, I think it suits the theme I’m running, and I feel like there are not enough SA sets out there.

Why don't you do a hieroglyph alphas / sublegends kit?

Hieroglyphs would be very difficult and expensive to do on doubleshot, but I may consider it in future, in a different profile, if I ever feel inspired to run something like this. It’s an idea that many other designers are playing around with too at the moment, so I might not need to fill that gap for you!

Additionally, I think there’s more to a hieroglyph set than meets the eye. There are lots of online “guides” that simply match symbols to latin letters as we know them, but there are so many variations that I don’t think it’s all that simple to implement in a historically accurate way, unless I do some serious research and digging, and then also designing, to come up with a cohesive hieroglyph set that looks good. It’s at the back of my mind as something I’d love to tackle… next time. Who knows?

Where / when can I buy this keycap set?

You can purchase this set from your regional vendor from 16 April – 14 May 2021! I’ll add the links to this site once it’s live. Thanks for your support!

Do you have a vendor for my region?

  • USA: Omnitype (formerly Dixie Mech)
  • Canada: Ashkeebs
  • Australia: Daily Clack
  • Europe: MyKeyboard
  • Asia: zFrontier
  • Southeast Asia: Monokei

How did you build this website?

It’s a premade WordPress theme, please don’t be too impressed! I just chose something that I felt fits what I need to display my set in the simplest, most aesthetically pleasing way. A good break from the Geekhack forum, yes?