Kitting overhauled!

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I’m back with an update that changes up a lot of things! We’ve been working on getting the kits to a decent price for all, which has unfortunately resulted in some culling. Please know that this was a hard decision but in the end, I’m still satisfied with where we are, and I’m crossing my fingers on this being the last big change. Here’s the changelog broken down:

  • Alpha kits now have F1-F4 and F9-F12, shifted over from the Mod kits, and the Mod kits no longer have alternate colours. This is reminiscent of SA Oblivion kitting and it was to cut the 8 extra function row keys you would have received if you had bought any alpha-mod combination.
  • Apart from the function row, both the 2u and second 2.25u shift have been removed from Mod kit. For those who really need another 2.25u R4 key, the novelty is available.

    Alpha kits before (left) and after (right)

    Mod kits before (left) and after (right)

  • Novelty keys have been removed from all child kits. This is to keep all new moulds to one kit and avoid having custom moulds upping the price of less popular child kits. Specifically, there will be no more novelty keys for 40s, and no more vertical cartouche in the numpad kit. The vertical cartouche novelty on the ISO key will be relocated to the novelty kit.

    40s extension kit before (left) and after (right)

    Numpad kit before (left) and after (right)

    ISO kit before (left) and after (right)
  • Novelty kit was also trimmed due to cost concerns. The alpha-coloured pyramid keys were removed, leaving only accented pyramids. The 2.75u shift novelties were also removed since they are less popular, but I decided to keep the 2.25u shift novelty because it is the cartouche of Ramses, the basis of the set, and is very important to the theme. The ISO enter novelty was added to this kit as well. I also balanced out the last two rows of novelties and cut four 1.25u novelties (ankh and eye). It’s hard to summarise this change so you can refer to the images below to compare.

    Novelty kit before (left) and after (right)
  • There was a repeated request for 2u spacebar added to the Ortho kit. I also updated my renders for the Spacebar kit so that it’s clear which bars will be convex.

    Ortho kit before (left) and after (right)

    Spacebar kit before (left) and after (right)

Now that these changes are finally done, I’ve still got to get around to fixing all my old renders to make sure that they don’t contain the old keys from the old kits. Pardon old renders that were done by others – the Aaru, the Geist, and Ulliam’s render on the home page all contain one or two old keys that no longer exist, but I don’t want to trouble others so I won’t be contacting them to ask them to redo the renders. These images won’t be used in the actual Group Buy listings!

That’s all folks, now I’m going to clean up my IC on Geekhack and try to remove all the word vomit there (there’s enough of that here already). Cheers and let’s pray for low prices and short lead times for all!

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