I’m so happy and excited to finally announce that the deskmat designs are complete! Thanks so so much to Eura again for her amazing talent. She was so patient and just magically created a work of art out of a vague idea.

My vague idea was that I wanted something very scenic to carry through the theme of the set, but I wanted to avoid the standard icons that would tie the set to Egypt like the Pyramids, because there are other deskmats with pyramids out there already. SA Ramses has always been about more subtle references to Egypt (if you ignore the novelties), because the colours are very neutral and not so on-the-nose. So I wanted something a little less tourist-souvenir like for the deskmat design.

I also wanted to have an element of fantasy and mystery to it because I’m a fairy princess okay, so was inspired by LOTR, which is my favourite ever. The statues in the background are reminiscent of the Argonath, but if you don’t get that reference, you’re all good. It doesn’t matter. It’s my favourite Egyptian gods Anubis and Bastet welcoming you into the fantastical realm of dreams. Also inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. I’m sorry for so much inspiration. But it’s really a combination of everything I really love and I hope you love them too!

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