Hi everyone! SA Ramses is finally live and I couldn’t be more relieved! I was working non stop over the past few days fixing the renders… read on if you want the full story, or skim through, it’s your call 😛

Basically if you didn’t realise, the page with all the board combinations is gone because I had to redo my renders completely. This is because we wanted people to be fully informed of the product they’re purchasing, and I was told that my renders were not true to the real life colours that I had chosen.

This is TRUE. My old renders were kind of not really accurate but I closed one eye because I didn’t trust my monitor – I didn’t want to render something that looks perfect on my monitor because it won’t look the same on anyone else’s. So I used RAL’s official hex colour to represent what I chose in real life and stuck with it for consistency, which was a mistake! What a noob! Good news though, I was told that the colours on an iPad are pretty accurate, and good thing I have that. So I did a little comparison of the renders on my iPad to the colour chips I have on hand, and with the help of Omnitype, we managed to fix the renders! They’re now colourmatched to the best of my ability.

This also means that I need to do a LOT of re-rendering in the coming days just to market the correct colours properly, because all the old renders don’t apply anymore. I do hope that everyone who has supported me so far has a good look at the images shown on the product pages and not the old images I’d been posting – if you see an old render, or the renders on Maschine’s Geist or on the Aaru – these images are not colour matched and do not reflect the final colours. Stick to what you see on the product pages! Everything else is just eye candy!


Head over to the BUY PAGE to view the full list of prices!


Super excited to unveil our collab with THOK – matte PVD with a subtle purple/green colourshift infill on the scarab!

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