It’s been awhile in the making but I’m super happy to announce that our THOK collab is now live! We have a brass cap with a colourshift scarab to reflect the subtle beauty of that lil critter, but more importantly I want to highlight the ENCODER KNOB.

I’ve always wanted a lovely fancy knob for my keyboards (and I have a fair few with an encoder knob), but the market is so limited in offering nice knobs that I decided it was high time to get things moving. I hope that even if you don’t like SA Ramses for reasons – mostly I hear the reason is SA is too high – you can still get this knob to go with any other build!

This is a solid brass 18mm wide encoder knob, finished in PVD plating and engraved with an Eye of Ra. It’s also been specially designed to have a universal fit around any rotary encoder, without any side screws. Our MOQ for this is set at 200 so it’s going to be a fun challenge, but I believe we can make it!


Canada: Ashkeebs
Europe: MyKeyboard
SEA: Monokei
Asia: zFrontier (free rest of the world shipping above $100)
Australia: Daily Clack

Or purchase from the THOK Official Store!
THOK Ramses Scarab Artisan
THOK Ramses Eye of Ra Encoder Knob

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