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May 4, 2021

VoxelMods x SA Ramses Cable Collab!

By popular demand, I've teamed up with the amazing VoxelMods to bring you a really great custom coiled cable group buy to complement your SA Ramses build! The cable comes in dark RANGER GREEN coil MDPC-X with black Techflex as the device cable, with a HIGHLAND GREEN cerakoted aviator OR Weipu SA10, finished off with a contrasting host cable using…
April 19, 2021

THOK Brass Knob/Keycap Collaboration

It's been awhile in the making but I'm super happy to announce that our THOK collab is now live! We have a brass cap with a colourshift scarab to reflect the subtle beauty of that lil critter, but more importantly I want to highlight the ENCODER KNOB. I've always wanted a lovely fancy knob for my keyboards (and I have…
April 16, 2021

SA Ramses live!

Hi everyone! SA Ramses is finally live and I couldn't be more relieved! I was working non stop over the past few days fixing the renders... read on if you want the full story, or skim through, it's your call :PBasically if you didn't realise, the page with all the board combinations is gone because I had to redo my…
April 6, 2021

Group buy April 16 – May 14 2021

GUYS!!! We're gonna be live in a little less than two weeks! This is just going to be a tiny update because the prices are not finalised yet. Also the deskmats have juuuust been finished so the renders are not ready. But I'm really excited, I hope y'all are too! Keep an eye out!
March 18, 2021

Kitting overhauled!

I'm back with an update that changes up a lot of things! We've been working on getting the kits to a decent price for all, which has unfortunately resulted in some culling. Please know that this was a hard decision but in the end, I'm still satisfied with where we are, and I'm crossing my fingers on this being the…
February 25, 2021

A GB… on the horizon?

The most frequently asked question I get is, "SA RAMSES WHEN??" I ask myself the same thing every day to be honest. But looking at how things are going, all I can say is - possibly in Q2 of 2021! That's closer than you think because we're already about to hop into March. :) In the meantime I've finally gotten…
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January 22, 2021

WIP list

This website is still under construction! There are more pages that I need to add in, but haven't done so yet because I don't have the information I need, or I just haven't had the time to. Here's the WIP list: CollaborationsDeskmat designVendor info, pricing, Group buy date Credits This set was born in the Keycap Designer server on Discord.…
Meta stuff
January 15, 2021

Introducing the website I never knew I needed

Hi everyone! It's me, Avril. I'm an avocado the girl behind SA Ramses. You're probably here because you're wondering why the hell this website exists. Here's the simple reason: I got frustrated with updating my Geekhack thread. Of course, I will still update it with any new things I throw onto this site. But every time I think about having…