Meta stuff

Meta stuff
January 22, 2021

WIP list

This website is still under construction! There are more pages that I need to add in, but haven't done so yet because I don't have the information I need, or I just haven't had the time to. Here's the WIP list: CollaborationsDeskmat designVendor info, pricing, Group buy date Credits This set was born in the Keycap Designer server on Discord.…
Meta stuff
January 15, 2021

Introducing the website I never knew I needed

Hi everyone! It's me, Avril. I'm an avocado the girl behind SA Ramses. You're probably here because you're wondering why the hell this website exists. Here's the simple reason: I got frustrated with updating my Geekhack thread. Of course, I will still update it with any new things I throw onto this site. But every time I think about having…