Details about Kitting

An introduction to the goals and limitations of SA Ramses kitting

All keycap designers want to provide compatibility for everyone, as much as possible. I read every single entry on the form and think, “YES, for you I will definitely do that!” – but then sometimes it just never happens because the request is too unique. Each additional key affects the pricing as a whole, and I’m always forced to choose between making a handful of people happy, or softening the blow of the price.

Ultimately, pricing is a higher priority for me right now, because SA isn’t really the profile for flexible kitting. Due to the limitations of doubleshot and how the MOQ system works for group buys, I’m favouring more common mechanical keyboard layouts: namely 60% – TKL sizes. Personally I like to experiment with 40% boards so I tried my best to have decent compatibility for those too. 🙂