Introducing the website I never knew I needed

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Hi everyone! It’s me, Avril. I’m an avocado the girl behind SA Ramses. You’re probably here because you’re wondering why the hell this website exists.

Here’s the simple reason: I got frustrated with updating my Geekhack thread. Of course, I will still update it with any new things I throw onto this site. But every time I think about having to add something extra to the extremely long post, I kind of die a little inside. I feel bad for people scrolling through that endless thread of me wanting to talk about my set in 20 different ways, yet feeling the invisible pressure to keep it short and simple for easier digestion. Don’t get me started on the images either.

TLDR; I did it for me, and anyone else like me who really cannot look at long chunks of text for a long time, and also people who really do not appreciate having to jump back and forth between imgur and Geekhack just to get an idea of everything. It’s a lot.

This is not to say that all ICs need a website, of course. Plenty of amazing ICs do just fine with a simple thread on GH, and that’s okay! I’m actually just trying my best over here to show everyone how much I care about this set. I don’t know how to code from scratch and mobile optimise stuff, so apologies if something looks broken.

I could rant all day really, but I’ll stop here. I’ve gotta go back to my actual day job, but it was hella fun typing up this post on the board I brought to the office today. Feeling chatty? Say hi, leave a comment, tell me what board you bring to the office 😛